Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pretty much everything there is to know about me

April is my name, but my good friends & brothers call me Api.

Blue is my all time favorite color.

Cassidy is my free spirited, highly independent 3 year old.

Driving is something I don't do.

Ethan is my big hearted, frog loving, baseball playing, almost 11 year old & my favorite wii bowling buddy.

Fabric is my biggest addiction & I can't get enough of it.

Grandpa's Cabin in Minnesota is our favorite family vacation spot.

Homeschooling is something we just started with our girls.

Ice Cream may quite possibly be the greatest invention ever.

Jumping in Puddles is something you are never too old to do.

Kids can make you crazy & humble at the same time.

Love is the one thing you can never give/receive too much of.

Monkey's are what my children are most days.

Nap time....why is it never my turn?

Oopsy is never a good word to hear from your 3 year old in another other room.

Paul is my husband, best friend & soul mate.

Quiet is what this place never is, but that's OK.

Robert is my artistic, football playing, Green Day loving, 12 year old tough guy with a heart of gold.

Sophia is my almost 2 year old diva, sweetheart, cuddlebug, who's favorite past time is singing "itsy bitsy spider".

Time is something there is never enough of. can the kids have so many & yet never see them?

Value is not measured by what you have, but what you do with it.

Wii boxing is one of the best workouts ever!

Xrays are never ending with four children.

Years seem to fly by.

Zoo's are a family favorite. Our favorite is the one in Omaha.

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