Sunday, November 23, 2008


So much to do, so little time left. Eeek!!

Why do I always put things off till the last minute? I'm making my New Years resolution now to stop doing that. I aggravate myself in doing this & can only imagine what my family feels about my frantic last minute dashes. Sorry guys!

Since, my family doesn't read this blog, I'm going to make myself a list of gifts that need to be finished, er started & post picture updates as I finish them. I'm doing it this way, because every time I write myself a note, it disappears (seems we really do have paper swiping fairies in this house).

Secret Sis gift FINISHED
Nicole-name pillow FINISHED
Julia-name pillow FINISHED
Sam-name pillow FINISHED
Erik-pj's CUT OUT, monsters, scarf FINISHED
Scott-pj's CUT OUT, mosters, scarf FINISHED
Brett -pj's, scarf
Rob -pj's, t-shirt, fleece tie blanketFINISHED, scarf FINISHED mr. t doll (hey, he asked for one)
Ethan - pj's, t-shirt, fleece tie blanketFINISHED, monster doll, scarf FINISHED
Paul -pj's, t-shirt
MIL - wall quilt, oven mitts FINISHED/hot pads, tumbled tile coasters
Mom - Christmas Quilt, oven mitts FINISHED /hot pads, tumbled tile coasters
Cassidy - Quiet book, new baby doll, doll clothes, dress up clothes
Sophia - Quiet book, patchwork balls & blocks & a new baby doll (or two)
Nana - tumbled tile coasters FINISHED, movie night gift basketFINISHED
Great Grandma H -oven mitts FINISHED/hot pads, soup mix basket FINISHED
Pops - t-shirt
Karen - apron, oven mitts FINISHED (or maybe just coal)
Josh - name pillow & t-shirt
Gma & Gpa - tumbled tile coaster FINISHED, soup basket FINISHED

All the store bought gifts are wrapped & under the tree, so aside from cooking Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, I have no excuses & a month to get these finished.

Wish me luck! That sure didn't seem like much before I typed it out.

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Doll Clothes Gal said...

Great list - good luck with it.