Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apples & Fabric

My inlaws live on a farm & have a wonderful fruit tree orchard behind their house. Every year, at least one tree protests & refuses to produce any fruit, well this year, the apple trees made up for the others shortcomings.

Yesterday was a day of apple baking & I must say, the Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer from Pampered Chef is the probably the best invention EVER! It saved me hours of peeling & slicing apples for the abundance of pies we made yesterday. It takes about 30 seconds to finish an apple & the little one's thrilled that they could help crank the handle.

My house smells scrumptious & we now have pies stocked for Thanksgiving, Christmas & a few just because occasions. We also have enough applesauce to last until next harvest! I am quite happy to announce that I finally found something to use those itty bitty cookie cutters that the kids HAD to have last year! They are the perfect size to use on the leftover crust pieces for pie decor.

I still have a basket of apples if anyone has a great apple recipe, please share it.

In the midst of my baking, I was pleasantly surprised to have the UPS man show up with a box of fabric that I ordered on Friday!! I guess 3 day select counts weekend days now as well :-) There is nothing better than a stack of beautiful fabrics fresh off the bolt. Swoon.
The Moda figgy pudding will become a quilt for us & perhaps a dress or two, if I decide to share.
The Lantern Bloom is mostly mine & will shortly become a mama skirt. The girls already have dresses from this line, so now it's my turn. I also have some scraps saved from my last batch & will more than likely transform them into a quilt as well.
I also got a bunch of Michael Miller's Christmas line as well, but the pink was turning almost blindingly neon with the flash (stupid cloudy days). Those are for custom orders, which I will post more about in a few days.


Mom Jeans & Minivans said...

Where do you order your fabric from? The place I usually go to is out of the Michael Miller Christmas one I want. I am looking on etsy but having trouble finding all the ones I want from one place.

pinkebody said...

Tara, I got these from www.fatquartershop.com I also shop at fabricworm & fabritopia for woven fabrics.

Also, if you know the line name, google it & it will pull up shops that have it in stock.

JessAnn said...

Love the fabrics!! So cute.. i would have made a apple crisp but that doesnt freeze well so would have been a one day thing! But I'm like a month late on this.. lol