Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tour de Fleece

So, did I mention that I got a spinning wheel from my awesome husband for Christmas? Well, I did. I was all excited & attempted to spin a little here & there when I had a few extra minutes in Jan, Feb & March. Then, I got frustrated that it wasn't just clicking & well, poor Betty (yes, I named my wheel) has been sitting in the corner of my craft area ever since, just begging for some attention.

Enter le Tour de Fleece. JUST the motivation I needed to get Betty the workout she so rightfully deserves. What the heck is the Tour de Fleece, you ask? It's a group on Ravelry for those of us that need motivation to, um, actually spin the fiber that we have been collecting & petting. And motivate, it did!
The TDF started yesterday & runs along with the Tour de France ;) I spun a couple ounces of the lovely purpley yarn on the right last night after the girls went to bed. I then spent the better part of today ignoring my children & household duties to finish spinning & then plying the two lovelies below :) (Don't worry, I didn't really ignore my kids, I just didn't follow them around cleaning up the little pathes of destruction, i.e. toys & clothing). Oh & did I mention, I dyed the fiber myself? That's another new hobby of mine, but we can talk more on that subject at a later date.
Not too bad for the first two days of the event, eh?

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