Friday, May 16, 2008

A day with Daddy

Yesterday, my wonderful husband took the three older kids fishing, so I could get a little break & spend some one on one time with our youngest.

Cassidy caught a fish for the first time on her own! She's done it with help before, but this is the first time she reeled it in on her own. Her brother did take it off the hook for her, she'll have to wait a few years before she can handle that task on her own :-)

The boys had some luck too. Ethan caught this beautiful rainbow trout & Cassidy just couldn't get over how big the fishy was! She's used to bluegills, so this was something new & exciting for her.

And, just to show how crazy Rob's hair is getting, here he is! He is about the same height as me now! I'm not sure if it's due to the massive amount of hair he has, or if it was another growth spurt.

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Tracy said...

Great pictures!!! I love watching little ones fish!!!