Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back in the Saddle again

I've been MIA a bit lately due to some personal issues, but I will be blogging again regularly soon :-)

I'm going to take a new direction here & try to make this blog creative & inspiring. I get so much inspiration from the many blogs I read & would like to try to give some as well.

I will be including links to my favorite fabric shops and sharing my creations as well as the places I draw my inspiration from.

To start off, I am going to share my favorite place for online patterns. I met the creator of this site on a forum a couple years back & it's the first place I go when I need a new pattern, thanks Kim for creating it, I taught myself to sew with the ebooks you offer

Be warned tho, it's very addictive! Make sure you set up an account so you can earn points that that you use to get FREE ebooks yay!

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notjustanylisa said...

welcome back..looking forward to reading!