Saturday, June 21, 2008

Latest Addiction

I have a new's the round neck top/dress pattern that I bought from that*darn*kat
Thank you Katie for another awesome ebook!!

I've made a few for each of my girls & plan to make a bunch more in an attempt to use up my stash & raise some $$$$ in the process. The girls actually LIKE these & can hardly wait for me to get the buttons on them so they can try them on! I really like the fact that they can be layered in the fall for maximum wardrobe potential.

Here's just a couple that I've come up with so far. I have a couple that I used some beloved vintage fabrics to make, but they are in the wash, so that will be another post.


Tracy said...

OMG I love that - I just got that pattern too and need to get one made! I am in New Castle June 28-July 6th..I need to come see your fabric stash!LOL

pinkebody said...

I did a couple things different than the directions. I used interfacing on the entire yoke, not just where the button holes go. It made it easier to work with, at least I think so.

I also waited until I had the front & back sewn together before I topstitched it.

I'll be up your way July 7-17th in Crosslake. Maybe I can stop & see your stash ;-)