Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fabriholic's Will

Being of sound, mind, and body, I _____________ do hereby record my last will and testament, knowing that _____________, my ______________ (husband, sister, daughter, etc.) has no appreciation of, or in some instances, knowledge of my extensive fabric collection deposited throughout the house.
Knowing that also _____________ has contacted the local thrift store, should I precede him or her to the great fabric shop in the sky, to pick up or dispose of the aforementioned collection.
Therefore, I do will this collection and all collections related to it, to my dear fabric preservationist ______________. It is my wish that she upon hearing of my death, and the inability to take it with me, come to my house and stack my entire collection in my studio.
She should then purchase refreshments for all of my friends and they shall gather in that room and remember me, then peacefully divide the collection amongst themselves.
Be forewarned, I will be hovering over this process! The rest of my worldly possessions (cars, stocks, house, etc.) can go to those who do not understand this event.
Signed __________________

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

That's cute! I can very easily see how one could become a fabriholic! : )